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Susanna Kaplan

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Susanna Kaplan

Susanna Kaplan

I have been surrounded by art all my life, but have never been “the artist.” My mother is a renowned painter in Southern California. My husband is well known for his fine pastel landscapes of Sonoma County. Perhaps all this vivid color transferred into my art; warm glass creations.

I love glass for all it’s transformative movement. The art is not exact. It is all experimental and constantly changing. I create small and large pieces. My small work usually ends up as jewelry. I use dichroic glass, gold leaf, wire, decals and many organic findings to create a fun look. My larger works are vases. Sheets of glass of various shapes and colors are draped over clothe and kiln heated. As the glass melts, it catches the pleats and folds and forms itself into organic glass objects.

Transformation is all; the creative process takes me there. The nature of warm glass is to ebb and flow and is thus constantly re–creating itself in various forms and colors. The creative process for me is to guide the course of the progression.