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Barbara Kelley – Printmaker and Painter

Artist Statement

Having lived in the Alaskan territory, New Mexico’s land of enchantment, and more recently on the edge of the Pacific Ocean, Barbara Kelley strives to convey a sense of new frontiers, experimentation and exploration in her prints and paintings. After receiving a baccalaureate degree, Barbara completed three more years of college coursework in fine arts, followed by studies at the Kala Institute, Rocky Vine Press, Brinker Ink, and Evans Encaustics. Barbara was also an early member of The Studio Print Shop, founded for experienced printmakers, which is part of an organization that has offered space to artists for over 25 years.

Abstracted evocative landscapes have been a recurring theme in Barbara’s printmaking and painting. What emerges is the quiet observance of nature and mental pictures of distant journeys in past times. Her works echo both Eastern and Western cultures and have been described as exuding “the simplicity reminiscent of Chinese and Japanese art,” frequently evoking a meditative sense of inner calm. They are a visual autobiography.

Based on a conceptual suite, Barbara usually works on several paintings simultaneously. They create an improvisation and spontaneity, each playing off the other in harmony. Barbara’s paintings are in oil, encaustic and mixed media and incorporate (and recycle) found objects. Her original prints include monoprints, monotypes, linocuts and drypoint engravings.

Barbara’s work is exhibited in galleries, museums, and corporations. It has also been exhibited through the National Arts Program and received numerous jurors awards, including ‘Best in Show.’

Barbara Kelley’s works are in collections in Australia, Canada, and Europe and throughout the United States and are exhibited in galleries, museums, and corporate gallery spaces.

This award winning resident artist works at the Moon Catcher Studio, located a few hours north of San Francisco in scenic Sea Ranch, California, a community sited with careful attention to the natural landscaping along a 10–mile stretch of the Sonoma County coast in Northern California. Barbara’s studio is just a few hundred yards from the Pacific Ocean. It provides a tranquil setting for creative endeavors. To view more of her work, visit: