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Sandra Moore

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I am a painter and a mother. Painting is my self indulgence. I paint the people and things that strike me as emotive images. I like simple, strong compositions and enjoy color. I paint to tell a story, evoke a feeling or express my personal view of life. The cars I paint are as much about the people who would drive them as they are about great color and lines. I enjoy painting people because they are the most beautiful, complex and challenging, subject I know. Every day that I can paint is a gift.


Sandra Cassayre Moore was born in Napa and is part of a large family that has lived in the valley for 5 generations. Sandra studied at U.C. Berkeley and U.C. Davis. Her paintings are collected by many and families prize her portraits. Sandra’s work hangs in local galleries, restaurants, hotels and homes. She is known for her depictions of cars and trucks as well as her strong images of Napa vines. Sandra works in acrylics and uses rich colors and a realistic style. She is active in the local community where she has taught painting and other fine arts in Napa schools. More of her work can be seen at