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Susan Wosk

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Etsy-Susan Wosk

Etsy-Susan Wosk

Holy Nichos!

Inspired by a visit to San Miguel de Allende I began to paint, decorate and design metal art of all sorts. Mirrors, frames, crosses, churches, butterflies, birds, garden art, and a variety of box styles. Nichos or retablos are very precious, handmade pressed–tin frames.

Traditionally, they are placed in niches or on altars and will contain a picture of a religious or spiritual deity. The intent is to honor a being and to inspire each person to a higher good.

You can also begin to make the art piece your own, if you open the small glass door to insert a photo of your choice. It could be your personal “holy being”, a friend, a family member, a pet, a tomato, a guardian angel, and so on…

There is a metal loop on the backside of the nicho so that you can hang it on a wall. Some have a metal stand to enable them to perch on a flat surface.

From highly traditional tole styles to wildly flamboyant fantastical paint strokes, you are sure to be charmed in their presence!